Environmental Graphics:

Environmental graphics is a steadily growing concept here in India. The reason we say steadily growing is because very few have understood the power of customized environmental graphic design solutions. What we see is designers mostly using readily available vector images, this happens because in most cases the printers are approached to design the graphics.

We at THEAMTEAM get involved from understanding the client’s objective, forming a brief. When we take a scientific approach, everyone in the system from client, architect and printer are aware of the creative process followed and the result is, a customized solution that meets the client’s objective and works positive on the people working in the premises.

Murals and Installations:

At times when clients and architects are looking to add another dimension to their design or want to look beyond 2D, Murals and installations come into the picture. With a decade of experience, value addition comes naturally to THEMETEAM. Once we have creative brief and the type of investment the clients want to make. The material and treatment is frozen on. We share our initial thinking with architects, once we have their go ahead and get into the costing and logistics of the work. The work we have done for Adidas corporate office and IBM Bangalore is a benchmark.

Canvas Paintings:

Since we both have a fine art background, canvas paintings come easy to us. Many a times corporate are unable to invest into canvas paintings of famous painters. Also it may not be possible to get the exact paintings to the clients brief. At times the interior designers have a certain style, color palette or size in mind. Kindly take a look at ourCAG Pride Hotel,Coimbatore work to experience what we deliver.